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Scarves are the ultimate fashion accessories that portray an individual’s attributes hinted with the latest trends. Know more about scarves of various types by their pattern, usage, fabric, manufacturers, exporters and other related information.

Fashion scarves are available in an engaging range of designs, styles and patterns, which are in consonance with the latest fashion trends. Fashion scarves beautifully accessorize all kinds of suits, jackets, sweaters and all other attires.

Types of scarves

The fashion scarf can be of knitted, hand-woven, hand painted, handmade, embroidered, machine printed, Italian print varieties. They may have different sizes such as square, oblong, rectangular or triangular.

Materials Used

These scarves are crafted out of different fabrics such as silk, pashmina, crochet, cashmere, wool, velvet, chenille, cotton, satin, chiffon, rayon, nylon, polyester, georgette etc.

Patterns and Usage

Fashion scarves may have artistic patterns that include paisleys, florals, animals, geometrics and abstract prints. These scarves can be used as head scarves, tying scarves, hair scarves, winter scarves, beach scarves, neck scarves etc.

There are many types of scarves, some examples.

Summer scarves

They are cotton scarves marked by prints of flowers of different shapes and colors, the range of floral scarves is crafted out of many fabrics. These florals scarf that are in sync with the latest fashion trends have floral patterns enhanced by ribbon trims, fringes, fine embroidery and other decorative beads.

The floral scarf is often printed with a combination of fabric-reactive dyes and pigments in enriching colors. The beautiful and tastefully decorated prints of various flowers like roses, lilies, tulips, petunias etc.

Winter scarves

Winter wool scarvesare the most basic of all winter accessories offering style, grace and warmth combined together. These winter scarf are smooth enough for sensitive skins and are an essential classic for any wardrobe. The soft, light weight and warm scarf can be exquisitely finished with hand-tied tassels or beads, crocheted or even embroidered. They can be both hand-knitted or machine knitted and are available in many color combinations.

Beach scarves

These silk scarves are available in vibrant prints and are perfect accessories to sport while on the sea beach. Manufacturers have been experimenting with innovative, fresh and lively hues and prints to match the tastes of people of all ages.

Beach Scarf are all beautifully textured and designed exquisitely in various fabrics that include silk, crochet, cotton, satin, chiffon, rayon, polyester, georgette etc.

The chic and trendy beach scarves are available in various patterns of paisleys, florals, animals, geometrical, abstract prints etc.