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Crocheted items that are made today are made with many completely different types of acrylic, cotton or wool yarns. Today there are yarns that you can buy that are even made especially for babies, these particular yarns are made of 100 percent cotton. Your craft store will carry ample amounts of crochet yarn, and a large varieties as well. The store has such a variety that you can complete almost any look you want, from the casual look to elegant look as well.

When using different types of yarns you will have different care instructions. If you know then exactly what type of yarn an item is made of, you can easily find the proper care techniques online. When you purchase a new pattern, and if you look close the pattern makers will also provide you with care instructions when you buy a pattern that they made.

When you have made, or you have been given some hand crocheted items, in order for them to retain their original look then you will have to spend some time maintaining them. You will have to keep them in good shape, because with crocheted items a lot of joy and love goes into items that you handmade yourself.

There are many crocheted things that are made that become almost priceless to many families. Babies christening gowns are a prime example of crocheted things handed down generation to generation it will be used over and over again. If you care for them properly, they can last for many a year! Nothing means more to women then a crocheted gift that is handmade, especially with them in mind. When the crocheted article need to be washed then you can gently hand washed in cold water, using a detergent mild like detergent (Woolite). Do not use any type of bleach! Rinse item in cool water with your hands until water is clear, then if you would like, rinse again in water with a liquid fabric softener. This is very important. Never twist or try to wring the item out. This will tend to twist it out of shape.

The best way as well as the safest way to remove water is to put the item down on a towel and roll it up in the towel carefully. Then unroll the towel and let it back out and then lay it flat to dry on another dry towel, reshaping the item very gently to remove unwanted wrinkles. Do not use a hand dryer on handcrafted items. The heat from the dryer will shrink the article for sure.

Let the article air dry at room temperature. After it has become completely dry, then you can try and shake it gently again to soften up the fibers. Do not iron an item unless you are sure of the type of yarn was used and you know for sure that it will withstand an iron. Store the crocheted item on a shelf or in a drawer.

Do not use any type of hanger! This will definitely cause the item to stretch or develop “hanger” marks. Using these directions is a good guideline for all your crocheted items when you are unsure of their fiber content!

When you use these simple tips, it will retain the quality of your item for many years to come. We hope that you will find this article good information and put it to good use.