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If you are into crafting, from quilting to making your own jewelry, you can subscribe to a magazine that will give you project ideas, product details and more. Here is a small sampling of what is available.

If you enjoy crochet, or want to learn how, there are several different magazines with projects big and small. Annie’s Favorite Crochet is primarily just patterns and designs, with some information on new techniques and patterns coming out. Crochet! magazine also has a wide range of patterns that are exclusive to their publication. If you want to get lots of patterns every month, a larger magazine like Crochet World can be a good pick. Finally, Hooked on Crochet! is a smaller size to make it more portable so you can crochet on the go.

If you like working with beads to make jewelry and other projects, Bead and Button has how tos for several different projects as well as information on materials. Simply Beads can help you make projects for around your neck or around the house. If you want to focus on jewelry, Bead Style specializes in designs for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. To expand your jewelry horizons beyond just beading, check out Jewelry Crafts, with designs using glass, wood, and other materials.

Paper arts have been gaining in popularity in the last few years, and the cost of greeting cards is on the rise. Why not make your own cards to personalize your greetings and gift giving? Card Maker will help you design greeting cards using everything from glitter to rubber stamps, helping make your cards memorable. For ideas using paper to decorate everything from photo frames to holiday decorations, try PaperWorks. Scrapbooking is a fast growing trend as well. Magazines like Memory Makers and Simple Scrapbooks can give you page design ideas, as well as information on the latest projects available to hand your memories down to future generations and create beautiful family keepsakes.

There are many different sewing magazines for cross stitch to quilting, from functional to decorative. If you want to make your own clothes or surround yourself at home with pillows, slipcovers, and other projects you’ve made yourself, magazines like Clotildes Sewing Savvy have a wide range of ideas to get you going. Threads includes patterns as well as features like embellishing with beads, how to fit things properly, and other skills. For quilters, there are magazines like Quilter’s World and The Quilter to give you new and original ideas.